Bremerton New Construction

New Homes in Bremerton – Bremerton New Construction For Sale

Bremerton New Homes or New Construction Homes - Sometimes you just have to have new. I have a few buyers that are all about the new and so I have seen several new home neighborhoods over the last several weeks. New construction is a passion of mine and it use to be my real estate "niche". I have participated in the selling of over 230 new construction homes since I began selling new construction in 1996. That may not be a large amount for the big builders but it gave me the experience and the … [Read More...]

Active Duty Military Discount for Buyers and Sellers

Active Duty Military Real Estate Rebate

New for 2015 – Naval Base Kitsap Home Buyer/Home Seller Rebate Plan   HOMEFRONT Realty, the sponsor of Navel Base Kitsap Relocation is offering a “military discount” to ALL Active Duty Military members. This rebate will allow a buyer to use the rebate amount towards closing costs on their home purchase, or if allowable by their lender a FULL CASH REBATE. As long as it can be entered on the HUD-1 Closing Statement you can receive CASH at closing. There are some very small … [Read More...]

Home Inspection

Buyer Beware |Real Estate Home Purchase

Buyer Beware - Seller Disclosure Statement (Form 17) and formal Home Inspections are still no guarantee that your home is in the shape you think it is.  Caveat Emptor is Latin for , "Let the buyer beware".  Caveat Emptor is the property law principle that controls the sale of real property after the date of closing.  Under the principle, the buyer can't recover damages from the seller for defects on the property that render the property damaged.  The exception is if the seller actively concealed … [Read More...]

Best House

New Construction : Bremerton Real Estate : New Homes Under $220,000

Bremerton New Construction. Currently in Bremerton there are 37 homes listed as new homes in Bremerton. The lowest priced new home is $209,950. This price will get you a 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom 2 story home with approximately 1400 sq ft. It also comes with a one car garage. This home is located in the Central Kitsap School District area. In this certain neighborhood there are 5 homes still available with the highest new home price at $214,950. With the low interest rated you could potentially … [Read More...]

Bremerton Waterfront Homes

Bremerton Waterfront Property | Show the Waterfront!

I am looking for Bremerton Waterfront Property.  I am the buyer, so I have an entirely different thought process then when I have my broker's hat on.  My question to Bremerton Waterfront Property owners is, "Do you know what your waterfront property looks like online?".   The key word here is WATERFRONT.   Waterfront Property.  For some reason as a prospective buyer I want to see the waterfront.  The waterfront portion of the property is my priority.  The reason I am looking at your home is … [Read More...]

Bremerton Waterfront Properties

Bremerton Waterfront Properties Waterfront Homes Sold July 2014

In July there were 17 Bremerton Waterfront homes on the market.   Today there are 27 In Bremerton we have some amazing deals on waterfront properties.  You can buy a home on the water in Bremerton for as low as $280,000!  That is amazing!  If you would like the list of all active Waterfront Homes in Bremerton just drop us an email and we will send you the list. Where else in the Puget Sound can you live the dream of waterfront living?  Bremerton waterfront homes allow you to kayak from your … [Read More...]

Months Supply of Inventory July


July sales up 11% over 2013 It's still a seller's market in Bremerton, but that doesn't mean that its difficult for buyers.  Bremerton Real Estate Market buyers are still enjoying many homes with prices low enough and interest rates still low that the monthly mortgage payment can be cheaper than paying rent.  Prices have not risen substantially to keep buyers priced out of a home.  In fact the median July-2013 vs July-2014 sold price is down -1%! Bremerton continues to be a  Seller’s* Market … [Read More...]