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Buyer Turn-Offs Remove Shoes

Real Estate Buyer Turn-Offs | Please Remove Your Shoes

After I have preformed a search for a buyer tour I start to go over the "agent's remarks" section for any details on the showing process for the property.  We have rules we need to follow to show seller homes and if  we break some of those rules we are held accountable and can be fined by the NWMLS.  So, agent remarks are very important. However, there is one showing instruction that just makes me want to run from showing a home. "Please Remove Your Shoes" Sure there are times that removal of … [Read More...]

Kitsap Waterfront Properties

Kitsap Waterfront Real Estate | Homes on the Water

Ever find yourself dreaming of a waterfront view?  I know I have.  I love the water.  I love looking at it, hearing it and messing around in it.  Here in Kitsap County we have miles and miles of beaches and lots of waterfront real estate.  Everyone of our cities has some type of waterfront living. Bremerton is surrounded by water - Port Orchard Bay, Sinclair Inlet, Dyes Inlet with Ostrich Bay, Phinney Bay, Oyster Bay and Chico Bay.  There are about 216 miles of saltwater shoreline surrounding … [Read More...]

Bremerton Months Supply of Inventory June

Bremerton Real Estate | Bremerton Housing Market Report June 2014

So Far This Summer is For Sellers But that doesn't mean that its difficult for buyers.  Here in the Bremerton Real Estate Market buyers are still enjoying many homes with prices low enough and interest rates still low that the monthly mortgage payment can be cheaper than paying rent.  Prices have not risen substantially to keep buyers priced out of a home.  In fact the median June-2013 vs Jun-2014 sold price is down -5%! Bremerton continues to be a  Seller’s* Market with just  3.3 months of … [Read More...]

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Manette Area Homes Sold June 2014 | Bremerton Real Estate Market Reports

Manette. Just across the Manette Bridge from downtown Bremerton you will find the Bremerton neighborhood area called Manette.   Homes in the Manette area range from 1930 craftsman, 1940 bungalows, 1950 ranch styles and in the last few years some brand new construction.  In Manette you can live on a "Leave it to Beaver" type street or on some low bank waterfront. Manette boasts its own unique community with shops and diners and its own summer time celebration.  I would buy a house in Manette, … [Read More...]

Kitsap Lake Real Estate Report

Kitsap Lake Homes Sold June 2014 | Bremerton Real Estate Market Reports

 Let's try something new with the Bremerton Real Estate  Market Reports.  Let's go micro and drill deep into the  Bremerton Homes Sold for June. Kitsap Lake is an area just three miles west of  the  Bremerton city limits.  In June there were four homes  that sold in the Kitsap Lake area. Three of these homes sold in 30 days and the fourth in  the first 60 days. List rices ranged from $119,000 to a high of $219,900.  Sold prices were between $117,100 and $217,000.  There were 2 one-story … [Read More...]

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Here’s How it works – How do Real Estate Agents get paid?

Real Estate Agent Commissions - How it works. Real Estate agents are usually paid on commission.  Most are not employees and most receive a 1099 instead of a W2 at the end of the year.  There are a million different types of brokerage models, so many so that it would be impossible to list even a few.  What I am going to explain is just the easy part.  How real estate agents through their brokerages get paid. Step 1 - a seller decides to sell their property and hires an agent who contracts … [Read More...]

Bremerton Investment Property

Bremerton Real Estate | Bremerton Real Estate Investors | Flip or Flop?

Bremerton Investors are you using a local real estate broker? Did you purchase your flip using your sister that works in the South King County area?  Price was right.  But did you get the right type of information regarding the resale value after the flip?  Is your Flip still available after 14 months?  Yes, 14 months!  Did you buy the wrong house to flip and now you are in trouble?  Does your broker know what areas people will buy in quickly in Bremerton? There are still several … [Read More...]