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Under Contract Propeties by Month March

Bremerton Real Estate – Bremerton Housing Market Report – March 2014

Inventory is still low and Bremerton continues to be a  Seller’s* Market with just 3 months of inventory. Below are some market statistics for the Bremerton area for the month of March 2014. These homes all have Bremerton listed as their city in their physical address. During the month of March  2014  124 new listings became active in the NWMLS data base, which was the same as January 2014 and 20 more than in February 2014.  This is a 5% decrease from last year.  Bremerton’s supply of inventory … [Read More...]

Puget Sound Area Houses

“The One” Might NOT be – Second Time Around

Sometimes I show the best house first and sometimes I save it for the end.  Depends on where I think my buyers are in their learning curve of looking at homes.  Sometimes I am spot on and sometimes I am not!  The other day I had some buyers out that are relocating to the area from Texas.  Everything is bigger in Texas so I decided to show them the best house last.  The "best" house was the largest of the six homes we were going to see.  Three houses to see on Wed and 3 houses to see on … [Read More...]


Oh, that Smell! This is NOT the House!

There comes a time in every buyer tour that I will enter a home and say something crazy, like - oh, crap, or oh, my sensitive nose, or O to the MG!  Yeah, I use some silly vocabulary to describe some homes we are viewing.  This is usually followed up by the explanation of what I am concerned with and why they shouldn't even look further or consider this home for purchase.  My buyers look at me strange sometimes when I tell them that I have talked more buyers out of houses than I have sold.  Yes, … [Read More...]


7 Things that will Stop your Home Sale

7.  Display it all!  Cover every wall with personal photos.  Hang your portrait over the master bed.  Make sure your kitchen counter has every "as seen on TV" small appliance ever sold sitting out with pride.  That Matchbox car collection will look awesome on the fireplace mantel in the bonus room.  Get out those gnomes and put them all over the yard.  Have some pink flamingos, they love gnomes!    Oh, and two words - Princess House!    6.  Wallpaper from the 1980's.  You must have at … [Read More...]

Home Buyers

Common Mistakes Buyers (NOT MY BUYERS) Make

Throwing Research out the Window.  Buyers should make a list of concerns they have before going out to look at homes.  Decide what school district you want to be in, check out the crime rates of your top 5 neighborhoods, identify obstacles in neighborhoods that you couldn't possibly live with , IE: cell towers, four lane roads, strip malls, etc.  Know this information before you decide what homes to look at. Not Identifying Buyer Closing Costs.  I can give you an estimate of the closing costs … [Read More...]

Puget Sound Area Houses

7 Things you might consider when looking at Homes

1.  THE FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT, I GOTTA WEAR SHADES.  When buying a home you really need to consider your future plans.   How long do you plan on staying in the area?  Do you want to be a move-up buyer in 5-7 years?  Make sure you buy a home that appeals to many and will be easier to sell in the future than the fixer-upper next to the freeway wall.  It's not always a good idea to buy "anything" just to own a home. 2.  DO A DRIVE BY. Drive by during the day, drive by at night, see what type of … [Read More...]

Bremerton Fire Pit Rules

Fire-pit | Do you Know Kitsap County Rules? Bremerton? Port Orchard?

With Spring just around the corner and day light saving time in full force it won't be long before we start spending a lot of time outdoors.  We will be gardening, BBQ'ing and for some the ever popular "fire-pitting".  Grab some friends, family or neighbors throw some logs in a pit and sit around the glow of the flame sipping your drink of choice in your very own backyard. The fire-pit is a phenomenon.  You can build one yourself, get a plan at a local lumber yard or buy one that is pre-made … [Read More...]